Pusan Int’l Film Festival (part 2–October 9th)

I had the premiere of my documentary at the CGV Centum citi2  theater  tonight.  It was double features with ‘Return to Manila: Filipino cinema’ by Hubert Niogret.  The theater was about 200 seats.  It was sold out.  My documentary was shown first and did the Q&A after the second documentary with Ms. Jung Juhyun who also translated my answer in Korean to English .  I got three questions about the documentary: one was if you are making documentaries, you are pursuing the truth.   Are you pursuing truth about the subject or beautifying the subject in some ways?  the other was do you think that what’s happening now for asian female roles in Hollywood?  Are Lucy Lie or Sandra Oh still typecasted.  The last was what is your favorite films of Wong’s which shows her talent and beauty.  I thought all the questions  were quite good.   One of the audiences who asked me about the typecast, saw my other documentary “Between the Lines” at the University of Mass. in 2004.  I was happy to see someone who remembered seeing it and came to see the “Anna May Wong” documentary.  For a filmmaker, this kind of encounter with the audience is really rewarding experience.

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