Pusan Int’l Film Festival (Part 3- October 23)

After the festival was over by 15th, I went up to Seoul, spending few days with my family and friends.  I just got back to New York a few days ago from Korea.  Still jetlagged with waking up early in the morning, going over unanswered e-mails,  I am trying to make sense of my trip to the PIFF…  The last time I was there was about twelve years ago.  My feature script, ‘Monday’ was selected for Korean project in the PPP(Pusan Promotion Plan) section of the festival.  It was the first time the PPP was launched. 

After finishing three more documentaries and twelve years fastforward, I was in Pusan again.  The festival, itself, has changed a lot in terms of its scope and people who are working for.  I must admit that twelve years is a long time to compare.  The big change to me is that filmmakers, especially Korean filmmakers, are much younger than the filmmakers twelve years ago.  Most of the Korean filmmakers in their 20s and 30s.  There were some Korean filmmakers in their 40s, like me.   I didn’t have much time to see other films in the festival because the nature of being an independent filmmaker promoting her own film…

The festival itself is trying to accommodate changing technology and its society.  There was a booth of iPhone filmmaking contest.   I also noticed that many people are using iPhones.    The festival  was the last one for its director, Mr. Kim Dongho who has been working at the festival at the inception of 1996.   There was a farwell party for him on October 14th, Thursday.  It was a really big gathering.  I saw many Korean filmmakers and well-known actors.  Oliver Stone of the Wall Street II was there, too.  The PIFF will continue its 16th festival next year with a new festival director. 

For me, I’m hoping that the exposure in the PIFF will help me to show the documentary to other festivals and meet its audiences.  My daughter thinks that I just started…

yunah is at the CGV Centum City 2 theater.


Reviews for “Anna May Wong” in Pusan Int’l Film Festival

I was interviewed by Mathew Scott of the AFP wire on Tuesday.  He published an article in the Yahoo(English):


The same article was also published in the Korean Herald (English) on October 15th.

Also, Maggie Lee of the Hollywood Reporter reviewed the documentary at the Pusan Daily (day 3) of the Hollywood Reporter.  The PDF version of the article is here.


I was also featured in the Penta plus’s webzine(Pusan Int’l Film Festival special, page 74):

www. pentaplus. co.kr

Pusan Int’l Film Festival (part 2–October 9th)

I had the premiere of my documentary at the CGV Centum citi2  theater  tonight.  It was double features with ‘Return to Manila: Filipino cinema’ by Hubert Niogret.  The theater was about 200 seats.  It was sold out.  My documentary was shown first and did the Q&A after the second documentary with Ms. Jung Juhyun who also translated my answer in Korean to English .  I got three questions about the documentary: one was if you are making documentaries, you are pursuing the truth.   Are you pursuing truth about the subject or beautifying the subject in some ways?  the other was do you think that what’s happening now for asian female roles in Hollywood?  Are Lucy Lie or Sandra Oh still typecasted.  The last was what is your favorite films of Wong’s which shows her talent and beauty.  I thought all the questions  were quite good.   One of the audiences who asked me about the typecast, saw my other documentary “Between the Lines” at the University of Mass. in 2004.  I was happy to see someone who remembered seeing it and came to see the “Anna May Wong” documentary.  For a filmmaker, this kind of encounter with the audience is really rewarding experience.

Pusan Int’l Film Festival (part 1)

I arrived in Seoul on Wednesday evening and arrived in Pusan on Thursday afternoon.  I was able to  make it to the opening ceremony.  ‘Red carpet’ was crowded with young actors, filmmakers and festival’s special guests.  I felt somewhat strange to hear the screams of enthusiastic fans in the audience for the young actors.   zhang Yimou’s “Under the hawthown tree” kicked off the opening.  I will show my documentary on saturday evening and trying to attract more audience for now.

Travel to Korea

I will travel to Korea tomorrow and write about the Pusan Int’l Film Festival and my documentary’s screenings.  Please check the website.  Thanks!

Biography of composer

Composer/Percussionist Kevin Norton is mainly known for his work in the modern avant-garde jazz scene. Norton has released over 15 CDs as a leader or co-leader with his compositions including, For Guy Debord (in nine events) a composition for quintet and woodwind soloist (originally Anthony Braxton) based on the texts of the radical French philosopher whose thought proved central to the riots of Paris, 1968 and Change Dance (Troubled) Energy which draws it’s inspiration from another radical political activist, Kathy Change (born Kathleen Chang). Norton has won numerous grants, awards and residencies including Meet The Composer, the National Endowment for the Arts and the MacDowell Colony. The music for Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words marks the third collaboration between Norton and director Yunah Hong and includes some of his most sensitive and touching writing to date.